An Eye for an Eye Leaves the Whole World Blind

There are certain ways to get revenge. We all, unfortunately, cannot control the actions of others. We can only control our actions and choose how to respond to others. When someone steals your brother’s dirt bike, is it a lesson learned to run them over with a minivan? That’s what Christopher Bouchard claims in his case. He denies being guilty of killing both men who stole his brother’s bike. The two men were chased by Chris and his brother down the highway until Chris sent them flying from the stolen bike.

According to The NY Post, Bauchard is a 27-year-old man from Long Island New York. He was charged with reckless endangerment, and possibly first-degree murder, for steamrolling over the two men who were responsible for stealing his brother’s motorcycle. His bail was set at $200,000 for a cash bail or $400,000 for a bond for his release. Witnesses commented that they saw the minivan speeding after the men on the highway. In pursuit of the chase, he allegedly hit both of them and sent them flying off of the motorcycle. Brian, Bouchard’s brother whose bike was stolen, was with Christopher when he struck the back of the bike on purpose. The two men, who were pronounced dead at the scene were Keenan King and Anthony Holmes-Garriques. Both were young men who were not yet even 21 years of age. Brian was never arrested, but Christopher is currently being held for reckless endangerment, which is not considered an intentional crime by the law. Bouchard’s motorcycle accident lawyer comments on the defense and protection of Bauchard with the reckless endangerment case. He states, “It’s an absolute, absolute tragedy and there was never any intention to hurt anybody … And I can tell you after speaking with my client there was no intent to hurt anybody.”

Car accidents are always tricky because there is a lot of context and bias that can easily sway the judge’s decision. It is hard to tell if Christopher truly did not mean to kill these two men. It’s possible to extend the defense that he wanted to chase them in order to scare them off of the bike or have them feel guilty for taking the bike. The witnesses did comment that the bike was slowing down and that the minivan did speed up. If this is about the bike, Christopher had to know and expect that there might be damage done to the minivan. However, I think Christopher was trying to protect his brother and make sure that his own form of justice was obtained. The pursuit ended in murder, which complicated the case at hand, but this is also a lesson that we cannot control how people will respond to our actions. The bail amount for Chris is pricey considering that he was committing this chase to protect his property and brother. However, in the end, he took two innocent lives because of an inability to control his emotions. As a society, we all need to learn how to better control our actions in response to the wrongdoing of others. If we can all come together, there will be fewer incidents like the unfortunate one that transpired that day.