Holding intoxicated semi-truck drivers liable in vehicular accidents

Vehicle drivers and motorcycle riders are at high risk of sustaining serious or fatal injuries when they got involved in accidents. However, drivers likely are at higher risk of sustaining injuries when they are struck by huge vehicles like semi-trucks operated by intoxicated drivers.

Due to its large size, semi-trucks are very hard to maneuver on the road and other motorists are at risk when semi-truck drivers are under the influence. It is important for vehicle drivers to know that they have the right to file a claim if they believe that they have been injured by semi-truck drivers who are under the influence of intoxicants. According to Houston lawyer, Ali Mokaram, motorcycle riders often find it impossible to recover from financial problems after being involved in DUI/DWI-related accidents. Additionally, aside from income loss, damages including rehabilitation costs, expensive medical costs, and reduced capability of having a job are often associated to drunk driving accidents.

Victims of semi-truck drunken driving accidents who have decided to file a claim should take note that they need to prove to the court that the person or parties they are suing have committed negligence. They also need to prove that the act of negligence resulted to injuries, financial, and other losses. Oftentimes semi-truck drivers are incapable of settling drunken driving accident compensations; however, accident victims may pursue damage claims if the truck involved in accident is owned by a company. In some situations other business establishments that provide alcoholic beverages can also be held liable given they are responsible for the intoxication of the semi-truck driver involved in an accident. Restaurants serving alcoholic drinks and bars that serve too much alcohol drink to a driver can be penalized in many states under the dram shop law.

A data of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reveal that there are over 10,000 persons were killed in drunken driving accidents in 2012.

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